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Capabilities of Water Jet

Water jet can cut through almost anything. Here we take a closer look at exactly what we can do for you...

Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting

Cutting with Water Jets can cut through metals up to 150mm thick. This is done by propelling water up to 2000mph through rigid, high pressure hoses and jets at a pressure of up to 60,000PSI, these jets can contain abrasive substances, such as garnet which erode away the material. Jet cutters have no problem slicing though Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tool Steel or even Armour Plating. Water cutting is typically used for cutting, excision or ablation (removing parts); structuring and can lend it to cutting items with sandwich structures or have a combination of materials.

Glass Cutting

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Jets of water are driven at up to 3 times the speed of sound through a high pressure hose at amazing levels of pressure up to 60,000PSI to create the precision cuttings that can be achieved. The Water can be mixed with abrasive substance such as garnet to erode glass in the targeted and precise fashion required. Jet cutting technology has no problem in slicing through many types of glass or refractory materials and has the constructive ability to cut sandwich structures or a combination of different materials and surfaces.

Tile Cutting

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Some of the challenges facing ceramic manufacturers and suppliers include the problems of ceramics being notoriously sensitive to brittle fracture and expensive to fabricate.

Ceramic materials must undergo special processing techniques in order to control particle size, purity, particle distribution, and heterogeneous state.

These characteristics play a major role in the finish of the ceramic. Due to the high cost of ceramic fabrication, a proper cutting technique must be established to ensure that the finished ceramic is processed with little or no damage and to a high degree of accuracy.

Marble Cutting

Marble Cutting

Taking into account labour and cost issues involved with granite and marble cutting, many fabricators and manufacturers are discovering the many advantages of the waterjet cutting technique to their benefit.

With high flexibility and small production costs, water jet cutting eradicates many widespread challenges associated with conventional marble cutting techniques.

Ceramic and Stone Cutting

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Water Jet Cutting is the best and easiest way to profile cut ceramic, granite tiles & slabs, limestone and marble. From shopping centres to domestic installations WJUK can cover all applications. There really is no limit to the shape / designs which can be created, specifiers & designers are now starting to fully understand & exploit its potential.

The Environment

There are no environmental problems with Waterjet, as no smoke, dust, gases or vapours are produced.

Computer Aided Design

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Waterjet is combined with CAD (Computer Aided Design) so the process is fully automated, making imagination the only limitation.

We can use any .DXF or .DWG files you provide – or any other drawing.

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