What Sectors can Waterjet Help?


At Water Jet UK, we work in a range of sectors. From aerospace to automotive to paving, we can help with your next cutting project


Water jet's capability of cutting high end alloys make it the perfect for Aerospace applications. Used mostly for “roughing” out profiles for after machining, this can save time, money and especially tooling!

New nickel alloys can be unbelievably tough to machine, this way we can leave millimetres on the profile to be machined a lot easier and save traditional tooling.


From snail cams and bash plates on trials bikes to rally car bracing and head gaskets we produce vast amounts for motorsport applications. We have even been known to work all night to pull Formula One teams out of the mire! Our ability to react in a short space of time brings Water Jet UK a great reputation with all our motorsport customers.

Oil and Gas

At Water Jet UK we produce parts from exploration to refining. From producing parts for ROV’s to their launch and recovery systems. To gasketing for refiners who need quick turnaround due the high costs involved in downtime!

Construction & Hardscaping

With Water Jet UK’s unique etching and inlaying process we produce many textural pieces for hardscaping clients. From the inlaying of stainless steel and brass to inlaying granite and sedimentary stone back into a donor stone, the world is the client’s oyster so to speak.

Also intricate tiling designs can be achieved with applications from shopping centres to car showroom floors. Produced with all grout gaps and expansion gaps with laying patterns provided, clients have a full package for even the most intricate of designs.

General Engineering

Now water jet is becoming more widely accepted, general engineers are now embracing the power of water jet. Instead of using more traditional profiling techniques like plasma, engineers have now realised that the cold cut and no finishing actually saves time and more importantly money. Machining back burnt metal from which properties of the metal have been changed, is slowly becoming a thing of the past!

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