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Glass Cutting

Jet cutting technology has no problem in slicing through many types of glass or refractory materials


Our state-of-the-art Waterjet cutter is able to cut glass into incredibly intricate and precise shapes quickly and economically.

Jets of water are driven at up to 3 times the speed of sound through a high-pressure hose at amazing levels of pressure up to 60,000PSI to create the precision cuttings that can be achieved. The Water can be mixed with an abrasive substance such as garnet to erode glass in the targeted and precise fashion required.

Jet cutting technology has no problem in slicing through many types of glass or refractory materials and has the constructive ability to cut sandwich structures or a combination of different materials and surfaces.

Why Use A Waterjet For Glass Cutting?

Using a Waterjet, in general, has some great benefits. It has the ability to cut through the majority of materials like plastic, metals, glass, concrete, rubber, stone etc. It’s able to cut in cold conditions, which compared to the majority of other cutting conditions it ultimately eliminates any heat damage, cracking or melting that could possible occur especially with glass cutting.

Due to there being no heat or dust left over during and after cutting, there’s no need for further steps as the edge of the glass is polished to a smooth finish.

A Waterjet is incredibly precise yet fast. When you’re working with delicate materials like glass, you want to use something that is able to produce exactly what you desire in such a quick time. It reduces the chance of any chips or other surface blemishes occurring and because it doesn’t vibrate the glass, there are zero heat-affected zones (HAZ).

We are able to pre-program the Waterjet which allows us to create perfect cuts on the first attempt and completely change the cuts dependent on what shape our customers desire.

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